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What To Know Before Mold Appears in a Flooded Building

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold has existed for more than 100,000 years and through evolution has become a deadly part of nature. Mold is a fungus specially designed by the ecosystem to break down organic matter and turn it into a compost material which plants and animals can use to survive. Colony growth can take less than 24 hours once a suitable organic material has been found, but there can be a weakness in nature’s plan because almost all forms of mold require water to reproduce and even a pipe burst in Bountiful, UT, will do.

Why Is Mold Growing?

Commercial buildings are often filled with hundreds of organic materials. They may include:

• Wooden furniture
• Painted walls
• Leather chairs
• Paper
• Carpeting

Since mold spores can float around on currents of air or land on your clothing, it can be easy for the microscopic particles to enter the building and attach themselves to the nearest organic material. The fungus microorganisms can stay dormant for more than a decade, but once water is introduced the spore can become active in minutes.

How Does Mold Grow?

There are thousands of types of mold, and the seedling spores are typically invisible to the naked eye. As the organism roots into a water source, it can quickly begin to multiply colony members. When the colony is large enough to be seen, there are generally several thousand individual bacteria. If a pipe burst occurs and standing water is available, the mold colony can also bloom. Blooming is a reproductive response to a liquid that sends thousands of spores into the air to perpetuate the colony.

How To Prevent Mold?

A pipe burst, leaky roof, or dripping water line can all allow fungus spores to begin growing in as little as 24 hours. The key to avoiding mold growth and preventing mold cleanup is generally moisture control. If mold has already begun, contact a water repair service. The surrounding areas may need to be sanitized to prevent spores from taking root in the future.

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