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Taking Care of Clogged Drains

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Sewer Cleaning. If you have clogged drains in your Bountiful, UT home, call a remediation specialist to have an effective solution.

A clogged pipe or drain in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room can result in many problems, but primarily flooding. It is essential to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In most situations, you will not need to contact a remediation specialist in Bountiful, UT, because a simple plumbing snake will do the trick. However, to use a snake or auger effectively, you need to know how to use it:

  • Slightly uncoil the auger
  • Gently insert the head into the drain
  • Rotate the auger at trap and push
  • Extend auger to reach the clog
  • Rotate and use a push-pull motion to free the blockage
  • Withdraw the auger

While it is easy to use a snake or plumbing auger, sometimes, the auger will not be enough to resolve the issue. If you cannot reach the clog or free the blockage, you need to call a professional.

Why Calling SERVPRO Is Your Best Option for Clogged Pipes

With any plumbing crisis, time is of the essence. Waiting too long to call for help can mean the difference between releasing a basic clog or repairing a full-blown pipe break.

If using an auger did not help to resolve the stopped sink, then calling a professional is likely your next best option. Experts working with SERVPRO have the tools necessary for reaching dip and set-in clogs.

Additionally, calling in the experts can ensure that no damage comes to your system from potential mistakes. For instance, sometimes, drain snakes can get tangled in the system. If a homeowner attempts to force the snake out, they can potentially damage the pipe or the tool, making matters worse.

A Snake Might Not Be Enough To Resolve Every Issue

A snake is a limited tool. Most manual augers are limited to 25 feet, which should be sufficient for reaching minor clogs. However, your home’s plumbing is a complex system with internal and external components that might be well outside the reach and scope of a basic auger.

Additionally, not every blockage is the result of a clog. Sometimes, there are more significant issues at play, like a pipe collapse or supply line failure. In these instances, an auger is not the right tool for the job.

The experts working with SERVPRO have access to video equipment, allowing them to snake a camera into your home’s plumbing to locate the issue and determine the best mitigative response.

Chemicals Are Not the Solution for Pipe Blockages

Too often, homeowners will turn to chemical drain cleaners to resolve their issues. Chemical cleaners are not worth the hassle. Not only are these cleaners less effective than traditional cleaning options, but if you use the wrong type of cleaner, you can damage your plumbing. Using multiple cleaners can also result in explosions within the system or other unwanted chemical reactions.

If you want to try using a snake on your clogged drain, go ahead. However, suppose the auger does not resolve the issue. In that case, it is best to call in mitigation professionals, like those working for SERVPRO, to assess the system and develop a more effective solution.

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